Warriors news: Jordan Bell, Kevon Looney say they'd welcome Patrick McCaw back
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Warriors’ Jordan Bell, Kevon Looney say they’d welcome Patrick McCaw back

Jordan Bell, Patrick McCaw, Kevon Looney, Warriors

Patrick McCaw recently signed an offer sheet with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Golden State Warriors have the opportunity to match that offer if they’d like. If the Warriors do decide to bring back McCaw, it will be interesting to see how the locker room takes him in.

“I’m cool with him. That’s my guy. If he came back today, I would treat him like he was here the whole time,” Warriors forward Jordan Bell said to Mark Medina of The Mercury News. “It wasn’t anything against us personally. It’s a business. So if they brought him back, I’d say, ‘Pat’s my guy.’ I’d accept him with open arms. But I can’t speak for anybody else.”

Bell wasn’t the only Warrior who would welcome McCaw back into the locker room. Kevon Looney admits that there may be some teasing, but he would be fine with McCaw coming back onto the team.

“It would be an adjustment just because he hadn’t been playing with us and we have a new roster and a couple of new guys. But I think most of us would take him back with open arms,” Looney said to Medina. “Of course, we would talk to him and tease him a little bit and say, ‘It’s been a while’ and ask what he’s been up to. But we all love him. We won a championship together. At least for me, I definitely would’ve taken him back with open arms.”

The stalemate between the Warriors and Patrick McCaw may be too much bad blood to overcome, and all signs point to the defending champs not matching the offer sheet. But if the Warriors decide they could use McCaw, he has at least two allies who would welcome him back immediately.