Much like several Memphis Grizzlies and NBA fans, Kendrick Perkins is not happy with how Klay Thompson is abusing his four rings with the Golden State Warriors.

To recall, during the Warriors-Grizzlies game last week, Thompson took out the “4 rings” card once again as Memphis was blowing out his Golden State. The Dubs sharpshooter was caught on camera looking at the Grizzlies' bench and counting one to four with his fingers to rub it onto their rivals' faces that they have won plenty of titles while they have yet to achieve it.

It didn't sit well with many NBA viewers, especially since the Warriors were getting destroyed at that point. Many argued that it only shows the Dubs don't have anything to be proud or boast of this season, so much so that they had to go back to their past glories just to mock others.

Perkins, for his part, has the same thought as he urged Thompson and the Warriors to focus on competing instead of looking back at what they have done in the past. After all, what they were before doesn't matter this year.

“They need to stop counting those four rings and start competing… The Warriors are the ones that's being petty, especially Klay [Thompson]. If you're gonna talk that talk, do something about it,” Perkins exclaimed.

For what it's worth, there is no doubt that Klay Thompson has every right to boast about the Warriors' championships. They were the ones who won it anyway, and they are not using the success of a previous generation or whatsoever. Klay and the Dubs are basically saying the Grizzlies have no right to talk until they prove themselves at the highest level.

To Kendrick Perkins' point, though, the trash talking will be better if the Warriors can let their game do the talking as well.