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Kevin Durant can see himself retiring in 5 years

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has quickly gone from a no-title star in the NBA, to winning two championships in two years with the Golden State Warriors. The long-winged easy money sniper could see himself walking away from the age at the very number his jersey sports — at the ripe age of 35.

“This game, your craft, you have to continue studying it,” said Durant, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes. “No matter how much you enjoy it, nobody wants to be in school that long. I know I don’t. At some point, you have to be ready to graduate. Thirty-five, that’s just a number in my mind.”

The decline for many NBA players has proved to be in the mid-to-late 30s, the likes of Dwayne Wade, recently playing his first season coming off the bench after 14 years of stardom.

Durant, much like elder statesman LeBron James, could potentially challenge for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38.387 points — the highest career scoring mark in league history — but for the Warriors forward, it isn’t about chasing the record books, but chasing the inner peace of having achieved everything he’s wanted to during his tenure in the league.

“Because it’s not about [the record],” Durant said Friday. “I can leave the game knowing I did everything I wanted to do, my way, on my terms. That’s how I want to leave the game. And if I happen to have all these accolades and these accomplishments, then that’s cool. If not, I’m still cool.

“So, I don’t think that’s going to define me as a player. It’s a cool accomplishment to be up there with the greats and to be considered someone who can potentially chase that, or beat that, but I’m not playing for that.”

If he can sign a long-term deal with the Warriors this summer, Durant is lined up for several years of contending for a championship, likely to rack up a few more pieces of hardware after holding four scoring titles prior to joining Golden State in 2016.