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Warriors’ Kevin Durant has highest-scoring 3-game stretch since Kobe Bryant in 2007

Kevin Durant, Warriors, Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant is coming off not only the first three-game string of 40-plus-point games in his career, but also the highest cumulative scoring stretch since the iconic Kobe Bryant did so in 2007.

Durant’s 44, 49, and the recent 51-point masterpiece against the Toronto Raptors sum 144 points in three games, while Bryant put up 153 in three games from March 22-25 during the 2006-07 season.

Kevin Durant has exploded during the team’s last four games, totaling 40 points or more for three straight games for the first time of his career.

The four-time scoring champion needed to step up, given the absences of Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, two key All-Stars missing from their starting lineup.

Bryant’s glorious 2006-07 season included a whopping eight 50-point games and two 60-point games. Matter of fact, Bryant managed to chain a mind-blowing 175 points through three games after scoring 65, 50, and 60 from March 16-22.

Extending it to a four-game span would have Bryant combine for 225 points, as it took four games for him to dip below the 50-plus-point cloud during that stretch of his career.

For the record, that 175-point 2007 streak is the best three-game scoring prowess of Bryant’s career, as his famed 81-point eruption was accompanied by 51- and 37-point performances, only adding up to 169 points.

Kevin Durant will try to keep his incredible streak going Saturday against the Detroit Pistons, but on a good note for the Warriors, Curry is set to return to the lineup.