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Klay Thompson’s epic teaser will get Warriors fans hyped

Klay Thompson, Warriors, Jackie Moon

Klay Thompson is raring to bounce back in 2021-22. More than that, however, he is ready to go full Jackie Moon when he returns to play for the Golden State Warriors.

The veteran sharpshooter hinted as much on Saturday, teasing on Instagram that he’ll be donning the Jackie Moon look when he suits up again–perhaps complete with the headband and the short shorts.


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Well, who wouldn’t get excited with the return of #HeadbandKlay? After he had been sidelined for two years due to injuries, Warriors fans will certainly welcome any kind of Thompson coming back. It certainly helps that the 31-year-old vet is feeling more confident than ever–even recently promising that he will be balling out in the upcoming campaign.

“Yeah, I’m balling out this season,” Thompson shared on Instagram Live. “By the grace of God, I will be balling. Injuries are no fun, but it’s part of sports. What can you do? … All you can do is keep moving forward for real. … I’m going to bounce back, that’s a fact. I guarantee that.”

Unarguably the second-most important Warriors player after Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson’s return will surely raise hopes of Golden State staging a massive run like the Flint Tropics.

Of course the Warriors will have bigger aspirations than just a fourth-place finish, but fans can bet on Klay inspiring the team in what should be another grueling 82-game season.

Aside from the look though, here’s to hoping that Klay tries to pull off a granny free-throw and actually make it