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Warriors news: Klay Thompson has doppelganger in this California bank robber

While athletes like Russell Westbrook spend their time singing in the car, James Harden tearing up local leagues, and Carmelo Anthony shows his full potential once he puts a hoodie on, Klay Thompson is well… robbing the occasional bank.

At least that’s what some social media people have pointed at after ABC7 Eyewitness News tweeted out an FBI search for a bank robber in Costa Mesa, California — that just looks identical to the Golden State Warriors sharpshooter.

Twitter immediately pointed the resemblance to one of the league’s best two-way players.

For those hoping not to see the Warriors in the NBA Finals again, what better way than seeing Thompson in custody of the FBI for the entire season?

Out of the 70 comments posted, 38 of them have pointed the finger at Thompson, according to SB Nation.

Out of all the potential doppelgangers he could have, this one is probably the worst possible to get linked to, which begs the question — why would someone that signed a four-year, $69 million contract look to get even more right now, when he could very well rob the bank for a triple-digit contract extension with the Warriors in a couple of years?

This will probably be the first question FBI agents asked themselves if they even considered their likeness a possibility. Hopefully his backcourt mate Stephen Curry hasn’t been too worried about this event.