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Warriors’ Klay Thompson shows massive progress in injury recovery, drains 12 straight no-jump triples

Klay Thompson, Warriors

Splash. That word should bring fear and PTSD symptoms to any NBA team not named the Golden State Warriors. Luckily for them, they have enjoyed the luxury of not having to hear it for the past couple of years. Stephen Curry was injured, Kevin Durant left, then Klay Thompson was injured, then Klay was injured again.

It looked like the era of the Super Splash Brothers was coming to an end, with Klay Thompson fading from the scene. After all, Steph might be putting up MVP numbers, but without Klay, what did the NBA have to fear?

Not so fast: Klay Thompson, embarking on his rehab process, seems to be doing well. The sniper recently posted a workout video to Facebook where he drained 12 straight threes — without jumping.

Which should make everyone go: “oh right”. Fans and opponents keep forgetting that Klay Thompson’s offensive game was never based on athleticism. After coming back from his ACL recovery, he is set to slide right back into his role as Golden State’s other mobile artillery unit behind Steph Curry. Sure, he might lose a step defensively, but Kelly Oubre, Jr. is there to stick to Golden State’s most dangerous threats night-to-night.

This is also probably a good time to remind readers that Klay Thompson once scored 26 points in one quarter, while taking only three dribbles.

Klay Thompson is one of the most unique stars in the NBA, and is essentially a version of Steph Curry that worked on lifting weights over handles. You don’t need typical athleticism with his game.

The most important thing about his rehab, especially with this video, is that Klay Thompson is loose. A loose and swaggering pair of Splash Brothers is dangerous to the league, and from this video, that’s exactly what is coming for the league as soon as next season.