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Lakers’ Josh Hart was among players that convinced David West to hang them up

Lakers, Josh Hart, David West, Warriors

Now-retired Golden State Warriors forward/center David West chimed into a recent tweet from Marc J. Spears asking for Josh Hart to be recognized under the same breath of other Los Angeles Lakers players. While Spears argued for Hart’s talent, he got the backup from West, who admitted Hart’s play on defense made him think about hanging them up for good.

“This little mofo stood me up in the post twice… Hips were tripping that night,” tweeted West. “Time to hang it up bruh, I said to myself in the game.”

Josh Hart might be a “little mofo” by West’s standards as a 6-foot-9 big man, but the 6-foot-5, 210-pounder can hold his own and most recently practiced as a power forward as part of Luke Walton’s small lineup after having been battle-tested during his rookie season.

West is no chump in the post, considered one of the most rugged big men of his era and a tough fella to box out once he establishes rebounding position.

Hart has proven to be an outstanding rebounding guard, using his robust frame to his advantage — his prowess was enough to catch West off his best game, making him ponder if it was time to retire from the game.

David West looked unshaken throughout his last season, actually putting up a career-high in field goal percentage in 2017-18, choosing to call it a career on Aug. 30 when he announced his retirement from the NBA after collecting two championship rings in his last two seasons with the Warriors.