The Golden State Warriors have some major decisions to make this offseason, with Draymond Green a priority after he opted out of his player option on Monday. The future of Jordan Poole also appears to be cloudy, with trade rumors surrounding the young guard. But, new GM Mike Dunleavy Jr poured cold water on the buzz, saying the Dubs plan to keep Poole around for the long haul after he signed a massive four-year, $140 million extension last October.

Via Anthony Slater:

“Jordan, especially with his contract extension, we plan to have him around for four more years at least.”

Just because they “plan” to keep Poole, it doesn't mean the organization won't jump at the opportunity to trade him if it puts them in a better position to compete. The reality is Poole was dreadful in the 2023 playoffs, averaging just 10.3 points, 3.5 assists, and 2.2 rebounds on 25% shooting from downtown. He also started just four out of 13 games in the postseason as a result.

There is also no question Poole has some attitude problems and it's clear that he and Draymond never saw eye to eye after the punching incident prior to the campaign. However, his trade value is in the gutter right now after no-showing in the playoffs. That isn't exactly going to help the Warriors get rid of him.

On a more positive note, Jordan Poole did put up 20.4 PPG in the regular season and has shown the ability to be an important piece for this Dubs franchise. For the time being, it sounds like they will keep him, but you never know what can happen this summer.