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Paul George sympathizes with Kevin Durant facing media circus before free agency

Kevin Durant, Warriors, Thunder, Paul George

Having survived the same media circus last season before choosing to remain in Oklahoma City, swingman Paul George sympathized with his counterpart Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, who is in the midst of major questioning regarding his future plans.

Kevin Durant recently tried to put a stop to the incessant questioning surrounding his future with the franchise, rolling hot and heavy after his first game of the season, but his family didn’t help the matter much after his own brother Tony posted a cryptic comment on his Instagram post, which led to many questioning Durant’s motives.

Paul George, who survived a season full of questions regarding the possibility of landing in his hometown Los Angeles during this summer, ultimately choosing to stay in OKC for four years.

“I think it’s simple for KD. I think he just tells people one time and one time only. He’ll deal with that when the time comes,” Paul George told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “In his mind right now, they’re focusing on a three-peat, they’re focusing on defending that title. That’s the only thing the media needs to worry about. Regardless of if he stays or if he goes, he gave them three great years. That’s what the Bay has to be proud of.”

Given his recent departure from the only franchise he played for, Durant is bound to get an onslaught of questions regarding his free agency, just like George did, but even more so as part of a major NBA market.

While trying to stop it is futile, it’s only a matter of days before fans witness his next choice after this season, likely hinging on the outcome of this season.