Quinn Cook was an important part of the Golden State Warriors last season, and now he's helping Damian Jones find his “mean streak”. Stephen Curry's late-season MCL sprain made the team promote Cook from the Santa Cruz Waariors, their NBA G League affiliate. The former Duke standout stepped in as a starter and was an influential scoring guard for the team. He took plenty of shots and provided much needed defensive intensity in Curry's absence. The Warriors recently acquired DeMarcus Cousins, but he won't be able to play until he recovers from his Achilles injury. In the meantime, Damian Jones will fill in as the starting center. Cook wants to make sure the Warriors get all they can from the young big man.

“He’s got another switch,” Cook told The Athletic. “He definitely has a mean streak. I’ve seen it so many times. I would get on his nerves on purpose. I would give him different challenges during games last year just to get it out of him. I wanted to challenge him every day and I think that’s why we were so good down there ’cause we had a great chemistry.”

There's no better player to teach Damian Jones how to be an effective fill in than Quinn Cook. Due to Cook's contributions last season, the Warriors offered him a two-year $1.5 million contract. It's not a lot considering what other NBA players have demanded, but it's considerably more than what he made last season. The Warriors showed dedication to commit to him for two more seasons, so he'll have a good chance at winning two more championships.

Jones saw limited time with the Warriors last season, but his attitude could put him in a position to be a valuable piece for the team down the road.