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Sad Pelicans fan keeps putting DeMarcus Cousins jersey in street so cars will run over it

When most fans are upset that a player left their family team, they might curse at them on social media or take to the streets and burn their jerseys. One New Orleans Pelicans fan upset by DeMarcus Cousins leaving his favorite team for the Golden State Warriors decided to take his old Cousins jersey to the street but he didn’t burn it.

Instead, he set out the jersey in the street so people driving by would run over it. It seems an odd way to wreck the jersey but if that’s what helps him get over his favorite player, sometimes people have to do odd things.

As sad as Pelicans fans are the Golden State Warriors are really happy with their newest addition. Steve Kerr told Sirius XM NBA Radio that this a perfect opportunity for the team, and for Cousins.

“The conversation, the way it had to go was ‘Are you willing to accept this kind of sacrifice, in terms of how often you’re gonna have the ball?’ And he said ‘100 percent.’ Everybody knows the free agent market fell apart for him. So, he didn’t have opportunities out there. Next year is about us giving him an opportunity to re-establish himself in the league. Re-establish his market for next year’s free agency and him in return helping us win another championship. So, we need each other and I think it’ll be a good union,” Kerr said.

After this upcoming season, Cousins will have a chance to sign the long-term¬†extension he would have signed this offseason if it hadn’t been for the ACL injury. The Warriors hope he can be a piece in winning another NBA title.