Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been impressive so far in the American Century Championship, thanks in large part to the Los Angeles Lakers.

But how the hell did the Lakers help in improving Curry's game? Well, according to the man himself, getting eliminated early by LeBron James and co. gave him plenty of time to focus on golf.

Curry made the hilarious admission on Sunday when asked to describe what has gone to his game the last couple of months and why he's playing so well. For those not in the know, the Warriors guard leads the American Century Championship and even had the highlight of the competition after he sunk a hole-in-one on Saturday.

“Losing to the Lakers. I had an early start on Tahoe prep. That's it,” Curry said while laughing.

The Warriors made it to the NBA Finals six times over the last nine years, so Stephen Curry really didn't get a lot of time to focus on golf with his season often ending in June. In 2023, though, things finished a little early for them following their Western Conference Semifinals exit in May.

Clearly, that extra month of golf has paid off big time for Steph. While they didn't win the NBA title, dominating the American Century Championship should be a nice consolation for Steph.

Sure enough, though, Curry and the Warriors wouldn't wish for an early playoffs exit to repeat next season. With Chris Paul in tow, hopes are high that they'll be able to play until June as well and be the last team standing.