Warriors news: Stephen Curry invests in League of Legends, esports alongside Yahoo co-founder
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Stephen Curry invests in League of Legends, esports alongside Yahoo co-founder

Stephen Cury, Warriors

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry just continues to extend his life outside of basketball.

Per Matt Perez of Forbes Magazine, the Golden State Warriors point guard joined an investment group backing esports company TSM on several ventures. The group raised $37 million, per the article.

The company will use $10 million of the fund for acquisitions and investments in the gaming space, while $20 million will be allocated for both franchising fees and a new 15,000-to-20,000 square foot esports facility in Los Angeles. It will function as a training facility for the organization’s esports teams, a studio for its multimedia content and a way to directly engage with fans.

Esports is the wave of the future, it appears, and it has been riding a serious wave recently. When the NBA 2K professional league underway, and other games people play for money, businesses and business-minded people are trying to strike while the iron’s hot in that world.

Curry, being as popular and relevant as he is right now, is making the right move investing in esports, and it isn’t the first time he has made a good business decision. He famously has a piece of the company Under Armour.

Stephen Curry is not the only Warriors player who invested in TSM, per the article. Andre Iguodala is only on the list of people who provided money to TSM for its ventures.

It seems as though Curry and Iguodala are not only teammates on the basketball court, but in business as well. It’s unclear which of the players turned the other on to this investment opportunity. But it’s cool to see them do something together outside of basketball.