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Warriors’ Stephen Curry plans to go full Spike Lee for Seth Curry’s Sixers games

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After watching Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors dominate the NBA for over half a decade, it’s certainly odd seeing him on the sidelines for a second straight playoffs. But ask Stephen himself about it and he’ll tell you that there’s another Curry competing for a title this year—his brother Seth.

The Warriors star is fresh off his vacation with his lovely wife Ayesha, and is now ready to be his brother’s biggest cheerleader. Stephen reacted to this viral video of Ja Morant’s dad trash-talking with fans in the arena, claiming he’s 100 percentt going to do the same for Seth as he chases a championship with the Philadelphia 76ers.


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Sixers fans, get hyped. Given that the Warriors have won three of the last six NBA championships, it’s definitely a good luck charm to have Stephen Curry in the building and on your side. Maybe he can pass on some of his scoring magic to Seth one night. The sideline zoom-ins alone would make having Stephen worth the price of admission. He’ll definitely liven the mood of the place and keep Seth motivated to drain his threes just like his older brother would.

Warriors fans will hope and pray that Stephen Curry is leading them back to title contention next season. But for now, it looks like the Sixers are about to get a very high-profile superfan in the near future.