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Stephen Curry reacts to new G-League free throw rule experiment

Warriors, Stephen Curry

The NBA and its affiliates have sure been busy concocting new rule changes and processes in the past couple of days. Earlier this morning, the league announced that they would mandate that all teams submit the exact heights and ages of their players within the first week of training camp.

On Thursday afternoon, ESPN NBA Insider Zach Lowe reported that the G-League plans to experiment with a one-shot free throw that would account for all of the points.

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry responded in humorous fashion, saying that there may have to be some adjustments to how the league would perceive members of the “50-40-90” club:

Of course, the 50-40-90 achievement refers to any player that shoots 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from three-point land and 90 percent from the free-throw line. Curry himself is a member of the illustrious club after posting those averages during his MVP campaign in the 2015-16 season.

Lowe expanded upon the rule in his article for ESPN:

The NBA G League is experimenting this season with a new rule under which trips to the free throw line will include only a single foul shot that will be worth one, two or three points depending on the nature of the foul leading to the attempt, officials told ESPN.

It marks the latest move — in both the G League and the NBA — to improve game flow and reduce the length of games. Officials estimate that moving to a “one foul shot for all the points” model will shave between six and eight minutes off each G League game, said Brad Walker, head of basketball operations for the league.

The notion that the game flow is too slow is interesting, especially considering that PACE was at an all-time high in the NBA this season.

Typically, this kind of thinking has been reserved for the MLB. However, it appears that basketball might be seeing some interesting changes in the near future.