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Warriors’ Stephen Curry records epic 25-point streak last achieved by Michael Jordan

Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, Warriors

Michael Jordan might know that entering the February 15 matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is re-writing historical records.

Stephen Curry is primed to keep this streak going. With the Warriors being battered by injuries all season and even before the opening tip-off, Curry is carrying his biggest offensive load in years. In 27 games this season, the guard has a usage rating of 31.8, which is the ninth highest-rank in the league.

While there is talent in the roster, Stephen Curry’s supporting cast, which includes Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre has been inconsistent. The former has shown that he can be a lockdown defender, while the latter does have bursts that are reminiscent of his play with the Phoenix Suns.

Despite all these challenges, the Warriors sit at the eighth spot in the Western Conference with a 14-13 record. While the Warriors are a shell of the team that once dominated the league for years, they are still must-watch basketball, especially with the way Stephen Curry can take over games with his limitless range and scoring.

One positive trend for the Warriors has been Draymond Green’s return to form. While he is listed as a power forward or even center, Green is the playmaker that makes the offense click and helps Stephen Curry thrive. Recently, he has been hitting double-digit assists with ease, while having a huge impact on defense. In Golden State’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks last  February 6, Green had seven steals and four blocks.

As long as Stephen Curry continues breaking MJ’s records and the team becomes more consistent, Golden State is a lock to make the playoffs. The Warriors led the Cavs 101-88 after three quarters, scoring at least 32 points in each of the first three quarters. Given how bunched up the Western Conference is after the first five teams, the Warriors — despite being barely above .500 — are still in relatively good shape as far as the playoffs are concerned.