It seemed like not too long ago when a young Riley Curry stole the show during a press conference in the 2015 playoffs. Father Time has a way of going by quickly. One day everyone's swooning over the postgame cuteness, and the next thing you know, Stephen Curry is a father of four. Yes, there was no typo there. Steph and his wife Ayesha Curry just announced the birth of their fourth child and newest baby boy, Caius Chai.

The announcement was shared with the general public via Instagram, where Steph held his newborn's hand in a picture.

“Our sweet baby boy decided to make an early arrival!” Curry captioned. “He’s doing great and we are finally settling in at home as a family of 6! So grateful!

“Caius Chai, 5/11/24.”

It looks like another Curry will be watching from the sidelines (and will possibly be stealing the attention at press conferences) in a couple of years. Before Caius' birth, Steph and Ayesha already had three children: The famous Riley, who was born in 2012; Ryan, their second-born and eight-year-old daughter; and Cannon, their first son, who was birthed six years ago.

Speaking of Cannon, he also had his famous “Hello Klay Thompson” moment back in 2022 — another heartwarming scene that brought smiles to the general public. (via NBA)

At 36, Stephen Curry still plays at an elite level

As for Chef Curry himself, being a father of four is another reminder of his age; the four-time champion is already 36 years old. Nevertheless, he sure doesn't play like one. This past season, Stephen Curry continued to do what he does best: torch opponents with that long-range shot. The Warriors superstar averaged 26.4 points per game. He tallied an average of 4.8 three-pointers made per game, shooting 40.8% from downtown.

While the Warriors themselves had an up-and-down year, Curry would be the last person to blame. Throughout Golden State's campaign, most of the criticism revolved around his supporting cast, and there were games where Curry himself was doing all the damage.

The future of the team's current roster is unknown, and many difficult decisions could be made this offseason. Still, one thing's for sure: With how Stephen Curry is playing, Caius Chai will probably get to see his father in a Warriors jersey once he's old enough.