Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry went from childhood darlings to the NBA's sweetheart power couple in an instant. While Stephen is a four-time champion, two-time MVP, and 10-time All-Star for the Golden State Warriors, let's look at Stephen Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry, as she's far more accomplished than people realize.

Who is Ayesha Curry?


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The couple married in 2011 after the year prior witnessed Steph proposing to Ayesha in the rain:

“He asked me if I knew where we were standing. It was the spot where we had our first kiss,” Ayesha Curry told the Charlotte Observer. “He pulled me close and started saying all these sweet things and then dropped down on one knee. I was in a state of shock.”

If you circle back a bit, you find a humble start. The two met at a church youth group way back in the year 2002.

It was more than just a chance meeting, as the two would likely have never met if Steph's father, Dell Curry, didn't retire when he did. The entire Curry family didn't move back to North Carolina until 2002 when Papa Curry retired from the NBA.

And how exactly did the two hit it off at church group? Well, the flirting was “lame,” at least according to Steph's sister:

“That's how she would flirt with him, in a way,” Steph's sister, Sydel, told the Mercury News. “She would find him after church, barely say two words, and like walk away. I would look at her like ‘God, she's so lame.' He clearly liked it. It left an impression.”

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry's relationship

It's worth noting the two didn't stay dating until they were married. In fact, after some moments in their youth, when Stephen Curry went to college, Ayesha was moving to start an acting career, leaving the door open for the basketball player if he were “ever in the area.”

To summarize: The two reconnected in 2008 at the ESPYS. On what was technically their first date, things were going well for Steph and his charm, but then we eventually learned he has less game off the floor than he does on it.

Let's let Ayesha Curry explain Steph's attempt at a goodnight kiss:

“He was in mid-conversation and came flying at my face like a thief in the night,” Ayesha told Parents Magazine. “So I was like, No. Then I thought, ‘Oh, I didn't know this is what was happening.'”

You'd think Steph would have a little better approach than that.

Still, whatever happened on their second, third, and dates after must have been enough, as Ayesha Curry moved to be with her then-boyfriend while he was playing for Davidson. According to those who knew Steph well, he was in love with his lady friend from there.

Even after Stephen Curry was drafted by the Golden State Warriors, leaving Ayesha behind for a little, the baller couldn't resist spending time with her any way he could.

If we fast-forward a few years, you'll notice the relationship's dynamic hasn't changed even though the two's star profile continues to brighten. In 2012, the NBA power couple welcomed their first child to the world, Riley, with Ryan Carson Curry joining Stephen and Ayesha Curry in 2015. Canon W. Jack Curry, the couple's first son, joined the family in 2018.

As would any decent man do, Steph credits his success to his also massively successful wife, as highlighted by his NBA MVP speech in 2016:

“None of this is possible without you,” he said. “You've given me the opportunity to go out here and work as hard as I do, spend the hours I need to do at the gym, during practice, in games, on the road – all the while holding down the house and doing the little things that keep our family going.”

Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry giving back to the community

As for what they have done since going from high school sweethearts to an NBA mega-couple, Stephen Curry has lent his voice to protestors and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ayesha is involved with several philanthropic efforts of her own. The two run the Eat. Learn. Play Foundation, which includes the annual Christmas with the Currys, and there's also Steph's SC30 Inc., which incorporates all of their work.

It's also worth mentioning Ayesha Curry holds her own in the world of business. While Steph might be the more famous of the two, she has carved out a successful place as a businesswoman. She is the owner/operator of several restaurants and the executive producer and host of Family Food Fight.