Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is in the middle of another impressive season as they are gearing up to try and snag a spot in the NBA playoffs. On Friday, Steph and his wife, Ayesha, revealed she is pregnant with their fourth child. The announcement was made as a cover story of The Sweet July magazine.

Here's a short snippet of what Ayesha wrote in the cover story:

‘For so many years, Stephen and I thought we were done. We said, “Three, that’s it, we’re not doing this again.” And then, last year, we looked at each other and agreed we wanted to do this again. For me, the decision came from always finding myself looking around and feeling like somebody was missing. I would load up the car and think, “Oh, I forgot something.” But nobody was forgotten. It started to turn my brain a little bit. Maybe somebody was missing. So we set out on this journey, knowing that this would complete our family.'

Ayesha Curry goes into far more detail with a lengthy feature in the magazine about the new addition to the family and the extra challenges regarding the pregnancy.

Steph and Ayesha Curry already have three children: Daughters Riley and Ryan and a son, Canon. Riley is the oldest at the age of 11 and Canon, 5, is the youngest.

Ayesha and Steph have been married since 2011 and are now set to make another addition to their family. Congratulations to the Curry family for welcoming in a new child.