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Warriors’ Stephen Curry will not play Sunday against the Wizards

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry had been hoping to make his long-awaited return on Sunday against the Washington Wizards.

However, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported Curry will not play, as the Warriors want to give Curry more practice time. Charania noted a target return is uncertain:

Curry has been working out for some time now, but he was only just cleared for contact drills last week, and the Warriors clearly have some reservations about his readiness.

The two-time NBA MVP has not played since October, when he suffered a broken left hand. Despite Golden State’s struggles, Curry has been adamant about wanting to return before the end of the season.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr previously emphasized his doubts Curry would be ready for Sunday’s contest, citing the fact he has only scrimmaged with the team twice (via Logan Murdock of NBC Sports Bay Area):

“He’s been out for four months and he’s been doing a ton of individual work. But to put someone in an NBA game, you have to feel really, really comfortable that everything is there conditioning-wise, strength-wise,” Kerr said. “And a lot of that you can’t simulate unless it’s actual basketball. He’s done everything that Rick [Celebrini] has asked of him and more. His individual workouts have been taxing but two scrimmages against non-NBA players — no offense to them — doesn’t exactly qualify as perfect preparation.”

The Dubs have every reason to be cautious with respect to Curry’s health. They have the worst record in the NBA, and Klay Thompson has already been ruled out for the remainder of the year.

Fans will undoubtedly wait with bated breath for Curry’s eventual return, which might still come sometime in March. But the comeback has been put on hold for the time being.