The NBA play-in games have been the talk of the league in this final stretch of the season. All eyes are currently locked on the potentially earth-shattering matchup that's very much turning into a possibility: Warriors vs. Lakers.

Stephen Curry, fresh off his 49-point demolition against the Oklahoma City Thunder, was asked about the prospective matchup. The Warriors star's answer, if you can call it that, is equal parts jarring and exciting.

Stephen Curry is usually an absolute delight of an interview throughout any Warriors media session. But when fed the thought of facing The King and his Lakers, his silence proves he's definitely locked-in as soon as now. You can just feel the tension in the air already. The idea of the two giants facing off is enough to give any fan goosebumps, but Curry zoning in like this only adds to that excitement.

LeBron James and his stumbling Los Angeles side look more and more likely to fall into the play-in tournament. The Purple & Gold have been ravaged by injuries and find themselves a game and a half back of the Portland Trail Blazers for the sixth seed.

Facing a dangerous squad like the Warriors is exactly the scenario LeBron James is hoping to avoid, given his recent comments blasting the play-in tournament.

If the Warriors can hold serve over the Memphis Grizzlies, the entire NBA universe will be treated to an absolutely bonkers LeBron vs. Steph heavyweight bout in a winner-takes-all, March Madness-style setting. But it's still going to be an uphill battle for the Dubs, as they have the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns on their schedule, both of whom are jockeying for the Western Conference's top seed.

While the Lakers are obviously going to be favored with home-court advantage and an arguably deeper side, Stephen Curry is the biggest trump card in the league when he's on fire. If LeBron James and the Lakers catch the Warriors star on a red-hot night during the play-in, all bets are off.