Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr sees big and bright things in the future of James Wiseman, and if he can stay healthy, the youngster can be a dominant force for the Dubs.

Kerr said as much in his talk with reporters on Wednesday as he and team president Bob Myers detail their offseason plans for their young crew. The Warriors head coach believes Wiseman can go beyond being just an offensive force and develop into a defensive juggernaut as well.

The Warriors could really use some help defensively, and Wiseman can fill that role perfectly when he gets back from his knee injury.

“I think defensive recognition of patterns and rebounding, that's what we can use from him the most. Going forward, with his talent, with his size and athleticism, there's no reason why he can't be a dominant defensive player in the league. But it takes a lot of reps. It takes a lot of recognition. It takes a lot of being on the court with nine other people, not just being in a one-on-one workout or in the weight room,” Kerr said, per NBC Sports.

“Hopefully–knock on wood–hopefully he gets healthy and gets to start putting those reps together and develops into a fine defensive center. That would be the idea. You see how gifted he is offensively. He's a lob threat. He's a good shooter. It's all there for him.

Steve Kerr, however, emphasized that James Wiseman needs a clean break first and foremost. He was unable to play last season due to injury, and so he must work his way back to game shape before the Warriors help him transform into the player they believe he can be.

The good news for the Warriors is that Wiseman is recovering well and is on track to feature in the Summer League this July. If he doesn't suffer any setback, Kerr and co. can get things started on their Wiseman initiative.