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Warriors’ Steve Kerr — ‘Last year in the playoffs, we got greedy’

Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr explained the difference between his team this season and last year’s iteration. One dominated coast-to-coast, while this one has been forced to play an extra game at home in each series, unable to sweep its way to the NBA Finals as they did in 2017.

“We weren’t ready during the regular season,” said Kerr smiling. “Last year in the playoffs, we got greedy. We won multiple road games in the first few rounds.”

“I think that has to be the mentality, because we have a great opportunity. There’s a balance you have to find — you gotta be loose, but you gotta be disciplined. We should come out and ‘let it rip’ but do that in the context of taking care of the ball and defending with importance.”

The Warriors have toed that fine line during this postseason, showing a completely different approach than in the regular season with stifling defense and a poised offensive firepower that gets the buckets at the right time and forces teams into reckless decisions in hopes to catch up.

Golden State has exposed the Houston Rockets’ game plan in only one game, forcing them to abuse their one-on-one tendencies — which didn’t prove effective despite two great games by the backcourt of James Harden and Chris Paul.

The Warriors have played cerebral basketball throughout this postseason, a benefit to the playoff experience and championship pedigree of this roster.