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Steve Kerr says Warriors became a ‘historic’ team after Kevin Durant’s arrival in 2016

Steve Kerr, Warriors, Kevin Durant

For Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, his team became ‘historic’ after Kevin Durant joined them in 2016.

Speaking on the The Warriors Insider Podcast, Kerr reflected on Durant’s stint with the Warriors and his overall effect on the team.

“Kevin took us to a different level. We were a championship team before he got here. I think we became a historic team after his arrival,” Kerr shared.

Kerr brought up their Game 7 loss in the 2016 NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers. He believes that if they carried on with the same team, they would still be considered top contenders for the title. However, when Durant joined them that summer, they truly became one of the most dominant teams in NBA history.

The Warriors already knew what Durant would bring to the table, but Kerr said that Durant gave them more than what they expected.

In his three-year stint in Bay Area, Durant was able to snag his first two championship rings along with two Finals MVP trophies. All throughout his stay, the Dubs were the favorites to win it all every season.

In the end, Kerr seems more than satisfied that he got the services of Durant. He acknowledged that everyone has his own story to tell.

For Durant, he felt like it was time for a change. Kerr, like most Warriors fans, is thankful to KD for giving the team two rings and a place in history as one of the best teams ever assembled.