Warriors news: Steve Kerr takes shot at Donald Trump on coronavirus
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Warriors’ Steve Kerr takes shot at Donald Trump regarding coronavirus


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has long been a staunch critic of incumbent United States of America President Donald Trump’s governance.

The 54-year-old basketball tactician once again took a shot at the POTUS on Twitter, particularly by re-tweeting a quote from an article written by Adam Serwer of the Athletic.

“Recognizing that the presidency is occupied by an incompetent narcissist whose major life accomplishment is parlaying an inherited fortune into reality-show celebrity is rather less comforting, but it is the world we live in,” the quote read.

The Warriors coach agreed with the sentiment and added, “Pretty much sums things up”.

The article described Trump as “a menace to public health”, particularly with his bigotry with ethnic minorities — especially the Asian community — in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Trump and his followers have repeatedly called the respiratory disease as the “China Virus” ever since reports came out that it originated from Wuhan, China. Several members of the Asian-American community have called out the President for this, including former NBA player Jeremy Lin.

The Taiwanese-American guard accused Trump of “empowering racism” through his tackless words.

Much like the rest of the world, the USA has also been ravaged by the highly-contagious virus, forcing citizens to halt their lives and stay quarantined at home.

Wuhan, meanwhile, has reportedly hit a milestone after no new local infections were diagnosed in recent days.

The pandemic has also crippled the entire sporting world, as almost all major leagues suspended their season in fear of spreading the disease to its players and fans.  The NBA currently has 10 COVID-19 positive cases among its players.