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Warriors’ Steve Kerr trolls Donald Trump after claiming he’s getting rid of Twitter account


In one of his more succinct tweets to date, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr blasted Donald Trump after the POTUS announced that he wanted to get out of Twitter.

The 54-year old mentor had just one word to perfectly react to Trump’s hilarious statement:

That’s some real big words from the three-time champion head coach.

Kerr’s reaction was pointed at this new chapter to the never-ending feud between the POTUS and Twitter which sparked again earlier this week. This time, Trump lambasted the social media giant after it gave a fact-check label to two if The President’s tweets about mail-in voting. Trump has threatened to strongly regulate social-media platforms after this current debacle and has even signed an executive order to remove some legal protections for platforms like Twitter. If you think about it, Steve Kerr’s “HAHA” (times seven) actually quite makes sense.

It’s nothing new that the champion head coach is not the biggest Trump fan. Kerr has openly criticized the president on numerous basketball and non-basketball related issues. His latest one on Twitter was earlier in March when there were a lot of criticisms about how seemingly racist the president was about the current COVID-19 pandemic. Other members of the Warriors like superstar Stephen Curry have also come out to denounce Trump in different occasions.

Kerr and the rest of the NBA must be careful though – with a lot of its members continuously taking jabs at the president, Trump might go on and delete cancel the entire association. Let’s hope not.