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Steve Nash says Kevin Durant wasn’t fulfilled after winning first championship


Basketball Hall of Famer Steve Nash has shed some light on Kevin Durant’s recent decision to turn his back on the Golden State Warriors to head to New York with the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Nash, Durant went into a bit of an existential crisis following his first championship with the Warriors back in 2017.

“He didn’t have a great summer,” Nash told me last year, via Zach Lowe of ESPN. “He was searching for what it all meant. He thought a championship would change everything and found out it doesn’t. He was not fulfilled.”

This is some pretty valuable insight from Nash, who worked closely with Durant during his time with the Warriors. Nash is a team consultant and spends a lot of time with the squad, so the observations he shares here are definitely worth noting.

After nine seasons with the Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder, Durant decided to jump ship and join the Warriors as a free agent prior to the 2016-17 season. The general belief was that Durant’s decision was motivated by his incessant desire to win a title, something that he felt he could not achieve in OKC.

At that point, he was painted as the league’s ultimate villain, but it seems that for Durant, it was all worth it so long as he would get his hands on the coveted NBA title. However, as described by Nash here, it appeared to be an empty feeling of success for the four-time scoring champ.

Surely, this was one of the main reasons why Durant decided to start something new in Brooklyn, under the presumption that winning a title there would be much more fulfilling this time around.