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Zaza Pachulia calls accusations by Russell Westbrook as ‘childish’

zaza pachulia

The game between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder turned out to be a blowout, with the home team winning, 112-80. However, what the score did not reflect was how physical it was. The physicality was headlined by a controversial incident where Zaza Pachulia appeared to fall intentionally on Russell Westbrook’s leg to try and injure him.

The reigning MVP fired a shot directed at Pachulia after the game, calling the Warriors center a “dirty” player, as he believed there was malicious intent when he fell on him. Westbrook’s accusation reached Pachulia’s corner when he read his comments via a reporter’s phone.

Pachulia then responded by calling it “childish,” while adding that he does not want to discuss it further, according to Mark Medina of The Mercury News.

After reading Westbrook’s quotes from a reporter’s phone, Pachulia just shook his head before calling Westbrook’s accusations “childish.”

“I don’t want to go back and forth on those kind of things,” Pachulia said. “That’s not the case.”

Pachulia’s response is expected to divide the opinion of the public, but a majority will likely think he did it on purpose, especially with his involvement in the play which badly sprained the ankle of San Antonio Spurs star forward Kawhi Leonard during last year’s playoffs.

Westbrook has not given a reaction yet to the comment of Pachulia, but for what it’s worth, the next matchup of both teams is now even more interesting to watch. Furthermore, there is a chance they could meet again in the postseason, which would be a must-watch for all basketball fans.