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Warriors news: Oklahoma teacher reminds students about cheating using Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan

Kevin Durant

Oklahoma employs at least one teacher who still isn’t a fan of Kevin Durant leaving to join the Golden State Warriors to win an NBA title.

The teacher, who is obviously a Thunder fan, wanted to give the kids an early lesson on character and behavior, using Durant as the antagonist in the message.

What was the message? To encourage the kids to be their best, the teacher handed out a lesson package which pleaded with the students to not cheat and plagiarize like Durant, but instead be like Michael Jordan.

This is where the analogy begins to get a bit strange when the Finals MVP is referred to as taking the easy way out, referencing the events from losing in the conference finals to joining the Warriors and winning a title.

The packet went on to say look to Jordan, referencing him as the GOAT, for inspiration who faced challenges head on, just like he did when he saved the Looney Tunes from the Monstars.

For all intents and purposes, the message is correct, but the means of conveying it, while creative, is a bit salty.

The 6’10” forward is already slated to be atop the MVP standings next season along with Russell Westbrook.

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