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Video: Charles Barkley says someone should punch Draymond Green in the face

Through his career, Golden State Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green has established the reputation of being one of the most emotionally-charged players in the NBA. He has also been a player who isn’t shy about stepping up to trash talk an opponent regardless of who it is.

This was once again the case as he and New Orleans Pelicans veteran point guard Rajon Rondo got into a verbal spat after the second quarter ended with each jawing while being face to face. This led to Hall of Famer and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley to give his perspective regarding Green’s behavior on the court.

Barkley may be inciting getting physical with Green, but it speaks to how he gets under others’ skin with his strong personality. The 28-year-old has shown to be quite brash at times that doesn’t necessarily rub others the right way. In this situation, Rondo, who is also known for his stern personality, made it known to Green that he wasn’t having any of his behavior.

This is a part of the player that Green has become that brings that same intensity into his trash talking in an attempt to get into his opponent’s head on the court. He accomplished more than his job with Rondo that has continued to see petty moments from him such as wiping his sweat on the ball before the Warriors forward was about to shoot his second free throw, along with attempting to high five him in Game 1 of the series after he missed a free throw.

That said, Barkley’s comments are bound to come back around to Green that should see him give a strong response of his own. Simply put, there could much more to come to this situation between the two in the coming days that could make for more entertainment.