Warriors video: Kevin Durant breaks down LaMelo Ball, Zion Williamson, high schoolers' highlights
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Video: Kevin Durant breaks down LaMelo Ball, Zion Williamson, high schoolers’ highlights

Kevin Durant

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is still on top of his game, but he better start looking over his shoulder because the next generation of NBA stars is coming.

The Warriors superstar spent some time breaking down a few of the more high-profile high school stars’ highlights for Itsovertime.com, which include LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson, and he came away impressed.

Kevin Durant was high on LaMelo Ball, whom he likes because of his skills and his shooting. He saw significant improvement in Ball’s game and body from a year ago, and believes that with a better team structure that’ll maximize his talents, it’s “going to be over.”

Meanwhile, the Warriors superstar described high school dunking sensation Zion Williamson as a “bull in a china shop” and a “once-in-a-generation-type athlete,” which is definitely high praise. Becuase of Zion’s immense athleticism, Durant believes it’s nearly impossible to stop him in transition.

Kevin Durant was also notably high on Cam Reddish. The Warriors star believes Reddish’s athleticism is “off the charts.” He also thinks Reddish has the tools to not only be a pro if he puts the work in, but a star.

Durant should still have a few more years at the top, but once he gets eclipsed by some of those fast-rising stars, he may want to consider a future as a scout after seeing his interesting breakdown of those high school studs’ games.