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Video: Kevin Durant roasts Zaza Pachulia’s sons as they play 1-on-1

Kevin Durant, Zaza Pachulia

Throughout his career, Kevin Durant has shown that he is as savage as it gets when it comes to roasting his teammates. He does not hold back in making some friendly banter, or even fire shots directed at them on his social media accounts. That was the case recently when he poked fun at his teammate, Zaza Pachulia, while he was watching his kids play 1-on-1.

The Golden State Warriors star forward took to his Snapchat account to show the video he took of Pachulia’s sons playing, and calling a travel during one play. He then said it was just how the Georgian international does it, and also placed a caption that he should start teaching the boys to play off the bounce.

Durant’s post goes to show how comfortable he is with making hilarious comments to Pachulia, who is also known for his often comedic posts in the past. It’s also a testament to the kind of relationship they have, which has helped the Dubs translate it to a lot of success on the court as well.

Pachulia is expected to make a comeback of his own soon, and could just be waiting for the perfect time to come up with one for Durant. When or how it will be is anyone’s guess at this point, but one thing certain is it will be worth the wait, and highly entertaining for all their fans.