Warriors video: Stephen Curry reacts hilariously to Alec Burks' huge steal vs. Celtics
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Video: Warriors’ Stephen Curry reacts hilariously to Alec Burks’ huge steal vs. Celtics

Warriors, Alec Burks, Stephen Curry

There’s no pressure to succeed for the Golden State Warriors this season, so they can just focus on getting as many wins as they can while waiting for Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to return. While they suffered another loss to the Boston Celtics, D’Angelo Russell, Alec Burks, and the rest of the Warriors managed to keep the game entertaining for the Chase Center crowd that came to watch them play.

In fact, Burks gave the fans some thrills as he stole the ball from Brad Wanamaker and convert for an easy layup. The crowd was energized by his defensive showcase to the point where even Stephen Curry gave the entire world a hilariously memorable reaction.

With the way the Warriors celebrated the play, it didn’t seem like they have one of the worst records in the entire league. They are currently 2-11, and it seems like there’s no way for Steve Kerr to stop the bleeding.

Some may be thinking that Burks, a free agent acquisition for the Dubs, is regretting his decision to come to the Warriors. However, he emphasized that he’s loving his setup with the former defending champions.

“It ain’t been tough. I committed here for other reasons besides playing with those great players,” Burks said after the Warriors’ loss in Houston on Wednesday night, per Drew Shiller. “I like the culture. I like Steve. I like Bob (Myers). That’s what sold me at first.

“And I like the people right here that’s playing, that’s healthy. We’ll eventually get those guys back. Doesn’t matter if we winning or losing, it’s just building a culture.

“I’m glad where I’m at. I’m proud I made a good decision.”

While the Warriors faithful are happy with him in the team as well, they hope that they’ll be winning more games sooner rather than later.