The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets are currently tied at the half of Game 5 at 45 apiece. The Rockets got off to a fast start, leading by double digits in the opening period, but with a little luck and a horrid 6-of-24 three-point shooting from Houston, the Warriors stormed back to tie the game.

In the middle of the Golden State comeback, Stephen Curry drew a three-point shooting foul on Rockets' center Clint Capela. The Houston center put his hand on Curry, and the two-time MVP flailed his way into a foul, which was the correct call.

The official who called the foul went to speak to coach Steve Kerr, and after the whistle, James Harden and Trevor Ariza approached him to get an explanation. After he spoke, Kerr pointed at Harden, smiled, and savagely said, “That's your move.”

The Rockets should be up by at least 10 points at halftime, but the Rockets' horrid shooting combined with the Warriors' carelessness with the basketball has this being a 45-45 game.