Washington football was tasked with hiring a winning coach who could come into a program with high expectations. They landed on Arizona's Jedd Fisch. After back-to-back seasons seasons of 11 or more wins for the Huskies, they want to make sure they stick at the top of the college football world, despite the loss of Kalen DeBoer. Washington's athletic director Troy Dannen spoke on what he wanted for the team's future and what he thought was necessary for the success of the program.

He [Troy Dannen] said they wanted a “recruiter” a “player developer” someone with a “transition plan” someone with “passion, energy, and enthusiasm” and a “winner,” per Jacob Seliga at UA Rivals.

Dannen was adamant about bringing in a well-rounded coach, with experience in all aspects. Being a college football isn't just producing on the field, it's a 365-day job. These coaches are responsible for talking to athletic directors and boosters about budgeting for the program, as well as recruits to help construct certain schemes, and other members of the coaching staff to propel offensive and defensive strategies.

The Huskies haven't cemented a long-term head coach in quite some time. It looks like they'd like to build some stability with the Washington football program. Dannen and the team administrators believe Fisch is the guy who can take that title. Fisch has shown his ability to win and even recruit in lower-level programs, so there's hope he can continue his success in Seattle. The future of Washington football lies in the hands of Fisch and the trust Dannen had in the decision.