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Week 12: Best NFL Bets To Make ASAP

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With NFL Week 12 action already underway after the exciting Thanksgiving day games, it is now time to sit back, relax and get ready for a full day of football. Whether your team plays on Sunday, Monday, or is on their bye this week…all NFL fans know that Sunday is a day for football, snacks, and a general lack of leaving the couch. But, before you can do that, you probably want to put in a bet or two…right? Of course, you do–that is why you are reading this article, to get some NFL betting advice!

To start, when reading the “line” that we have, the number with the “plus or minus” next to it is the “spread.” Which is the number you need to add or subtract from your team’s total to get the win. So, if you are picking a team -6, that means they would need to win by seven for you to win.

The number to the right of the spread is the “vig,” which is the fee that you pay to the casino to make the bet. If the vig is -110, then the better can make $1 off of every $1.10 he wins. All of our odds are brought to you by FanDuel SportsBooks, here are my week 12 NFL best bets to make, including one bet from each of the three Sunday timeslots.

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Week 12: Best NFL Bets To Make ASAP

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: -3 (-118) @ Indianapolis Colts

While Tampa Bay is only 4-6 ATS on the season and Indianapolis is a strong 7-4, we are going with the Buccaneers here because it is just a bad matchup for the Colts. The best part about Tampa Bay’s defense is their run game, which is the strength of the Colts’ offense.

Teams have beaten Tama Bay in 2021 by attacking their secondary, however, and that has not been how the Colts have won recent games. The game they have won is when they have been able to dominate the game by running the football. If the tables turn, and the game must be won by the arm of Carson Wentz and the hands of Michael Pittman, we just aren’t sure they will come away with the same great results. Take the Bucs, lay the three points, and reap the benefits.

Los Angeles Rams: -2 (-110) @ Green Bay Packers

Once again, we are predicting a team that is 4-6 ATS on the season to win the bet. With a tiny two-point spread, it is basically a pick-em game for you so you might as well take the team with the -2 so that way your vig is a bit smaller. The Rams are coming into this game embarrassingly after two straight losses when they were the favorites.

While the Packers may have a lot to prove as well, they are also a team that can be seen cracking from the inside–especially at their leadership positions. Their star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is more of a celebrity for TMZ to follow around than he is someone for NFL films to mic-up. That is a problem for his team and the cracks in the Packers’ organizational foundation may start to show up after a big loss this week.


Baltimore Ravens: -3.5 (-114) vs. Cleveland Browns

I bet you’re sensing a theme? Yep, you guessed it–we went with three teams that are 4-6 ATS this year. That is how strongly we feel about these picks, especially this one because it is getting out “JB’s lock of the week.” The Browns are coming off of a win, but it was against the Detroit Lions–so take that with a huge grain of salt. They also barely escaped that one with a three-point win.

Cleveland has alternated wins and losses over the better half of this season and this week is going to be no different. Just two weeks ago, The New England Patriots ran all over the Browns for over 250 yards just to their backs. Baltimore just so happens to have the best running game in the league. Run, don’t walk this one to the betting window.

So, there you have it. Whether you plan to bet only one of the games, you bet all of them individually or you stick them on a parlay, we wish you the best of luck and we hope you check back this same time next week for our week 13 best NFL bets to make.