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What fans really want from the NBA 2K series

Same game, different name? For the past few years, the NBA 2K series has been scrutinized over the lack of improvement. Every player remembers when #Fix2k20 was trending at the time of the release since the game had so many bugs that it was almost unplayable. So what do fans really want?

We summed up how fans want the NBA 2K series fixed below, talking about the issues and potential improvements to areas of the game.

1. Microtransactions eased, but still a bit aggressive

Microtransactions have been ingrained in the game for so long, getting players to spend actual money to create additional revenue. Notably, NBA 2K eased on this a bit in the 20 iteration of the game, but it can still be a bit aggressive, as VC is featured in almost every game mode.

MyTeam, MyCareer, and MyGM all encourage players to purchase VC to make quicker progress throughout the game. Players are often quick in spotting this as it has created a bad image for the franchise.

2. Overemphasis on grinding

While the franchise has made some improvements in this regard with relatively quicker grinding, is still feels like somewhat as a drag when players need to grind for a week or two just to see some noticeable gains.

This drives the point home harder that NBA 2K Sports would rather have players spend on VC, than to actually grind. This is another red flag that players seem to have the impression where 2K Sports would rather extract every cent from its players, than to actually let them enjoy the game.

3. Shaky online servers

Zion Williamson, Pelicans, NBA 2K

There’s still a noticeable difference from offline and online gameplay. While playing offline is essentially as smooth as silk, playing online feels a tad bit late at times which requires a drastic adjustment from the player. Moreover, there are evident problems in the inability to invite users to leagues and server problems that prevent them from advancing. Pair that with some extremely long loading screens, and 2K Sports has a recipe for disaster when speed and efficiency is the name of the game nowadays.

4. Each NBA 2K feels like the same game overall

Props to 2K Sports for having a bunch of additions to the game such as the WNBA, a revamped MyCareer, and 3-on-3 Pro-Am. However, this is a double edged sword that fans have scrutinized for the longest time. Year after year, it just feels like 2K Sports doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

There are slight improvements every now and then, but nothing major enough for fans to cheer about. NBA 2k needs to innovate, rather than just improve.

The NBA 2K series has undoubtedly improved on the aspects of graphics, basketball gameplay, and various game modes. Notably, the WNBA was finally added in 2k20, which was one of the biggest headlines before it was released. Therefore, it can be argued that the series has been trying to improve year over year, contrary to popular belief.

However, the expectations of these improvements are what mainly drives the fans to be disappointed and scrutinize the game altogether. If the NBA 2K series can nitpick and address the tiny details that fans want, then the franchise may see its glory days once again.