25 years – That is how long it took for Ash Ketchum, together with his partner Pikachu, to achieve his lifelong goal and dream to become a Pokemon Master. It’s no surprise anymore but we are still dreading the day that we finally part ways with our favorite Pokemon Trainer and his cute, little electric mouse. What will happen next in the Pokemon series next?

What’s next for Ash Ketchum and Pikachu?

Distant Blue Sky

Ash Ketchum will have a special two-part series for his remaining days on air as the protagonist of Pokemon. First, a one-episode special called “Distant Blue Sky” featuring Ash, Pikachu, and Haruto.

Warning: Skip to the next part if you haven’t seen the special yet. The next paragraph WILL contain spoilers.

In this special, the episode starts with Ash and Pikachu having a great time at a river then came a Gyarados that both Pikachu and Ash battled together. After a successful hit of 100,000 Volts by Pikachu, Ash tries to capture it only to fail in the end. He then heads out to the Pokemon Center where he talks to his Mom and gets the word that she will be visiting Tonari Town to meet up with Ash’s Dad. Yes, you read that right, ASH KETCHUM’S FATHER. On his journey toward Tonari Town, Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket and meets Haruto along the way.  Of course, Pikachu has been rescued thanks to Haruto letting Ash know where they were hidden.

Ash and Pikachu got hungry from all the action and went to find berries where Haruto gladly pointed the way to a cabin where there was plenty. This led to Ash meeting So and Sae who gladly gave the pair Oran Berries and Berry Loaves with Haruto suddenly disappearing.

As Ash and Pikachu feasted on the food that was given, Haruto noticed that Ash could understand what Pikachu was saying and asked if Ash could help him out with something.

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The trio then found a group of Mankeys that were in possession of Haruto’s cap. Ash tries to retrieve it and after a wild chase, was able to obtain Haruto’s cap in exchange for his cap as the Mankey who had it was sad that it had to cough it up to Ash.

Ash tries to give back the cap only to end up failing as Haruto walks further ahead toward So and Sae’s cabin. This is where we find out that So and Sae are Haruto’s parents and that Haruto passed away a year ago. Ash and Haruto share a special moment where Ash lets Haruto feel Pikachu and was described as “Warm, soft, and cuddling them even cheer you up.”

Ash’s Mom then meets the gang and shares that his Dad had already left in a hurry to tend to an emergency. This is where Ash’s Mom hands him his new cap from his Dad, replacing the old one given to Mankey. As the night goes on, his Mom whips up a batch of croquettes and makes extras even for the disguised Team Rocket. The next day, Ash hurries to leave as he gets word that Entei appeared and everyone is trying to catch it. The end.

Alright, the spoilers end here.

Aim to be a Pokemon Master

Secondly, is the 11-episode mini-series called “Aim To Be A Pokémon Master”. This will feature Ash together with his first and original companions, Brock and Misty. The mini-series will start airing on January 13, 2023, and is reported to be the final chapter in the story of Ash and Pikachu.

As we count the days to the end of Ash and Pikachu’s time as the protagonists of the Pokemon series, let’s all remember the great times our dearest “jolly boy” had accomplished. What will happen in the Pokemon series next? We still don’t know to date but do stick around for more news, updates, and the latest events here on ClutchPoints Gaming! ’til the next time, Trainers!