Zach LaVine is somewhat of a polarizing player in the NBA. He has proven he can be a great scorer and produce exciting highlights but we haven't seen him do these things on a winning team yet.

On the daily Locked On Bulls Podcast, host Matt Peck breaks down what Zach LaVine has to do to take his game to the next level.

Matt Peck: After two really bad turnovers late in that game against OKC that certainly led to the Bulls coughing that up, he had one of those class Zach LaVine moments where he dribbles the ball off his foot. Then on the ensuing possession, he tried to thread the needle on a really difficult pass through a lot of traffic, that resulted in a turnover. Those were two key late-game turnovers that led to that loss. It was two of six turnovers on the night for Zach.

As much as he's continuing to build on his offensive dominance, his numbers this season are eye-poppingly positive, not just as far as the points per game but he's also improving his assist numbers, his rebound numbers, his percentages, his true shooting percentage, and his percentage behind the arc. Everything is a green light for Zach LaVine right now. He also needs to be better at finding the right moments to get looks for his teammates and to just play within the team and play within their system. This is something that Donovan has been harping about with Zach since training camp. I think we're starting to finally see some signs of that development from LaVine's game of knowing when do I need to take over and look to get a shot versus when do I need to get a good shot for one of my teammates or at least just start to possession with some smart play whether it's calling for a pick and roll, making the right read, or finding the right pass. It's been a slow process with Zach LaVine but I think the last couple of games are certainly evidence pointing in the right direction.