Jessie Cristy “JessieVash” Cuyco, who also went by the name “Vash”, is headed to Berlin this September for VALORANT Masters Berlin with his team, Bren Esports. He is part of the first Filipino team to ever play in a VALORANT Masters, and the first Filipino team in a while to play in a Riot-sanctioned event overseas. While this is a dream come true for his teammates, this experience isn't something new for JessieVash. In fact, this will be his third time setting foot in Germany for an esports tournament – but it will be his first time for VALORANT.

Filipino Dota 2 Icon

JessieVash started his esports career playing Counter-Strike 1.3, but it won't be until he played Dota 2 with Mineski that he'll rise to prominence. At age 21, he was part of the first Filipino team to compete in an international Dota 2 tournament. It all happened in 2011 in Cologne, during the very first The International. Although his team didn't succeed in capturing the Aegis during that year – losing to Moscow Five in the second round of the playoffs – it was still a landmark moment for the Philippine esports scene.

JessieVash's next big break comes four years later when Mineski qualified for The Frankfurt Major. Germany seems to be a great place for Jessie, as he keeps on qualifying for tournaments headed there. Mineski could have gone far in that tournament, but luck was not on their side. They started on the upper bracket after going 2-1 in their group but had the misfortune of facing Team Secret in the first round. They would fall to OG immediately after in the lower bracket. OG and Team Secret were the eventual finalists, with OG winning the tournament in the end.

Less than a year later, Jessievash would retire from Dota 2 by joining Mineski's Overwatch squad. However, he'd return to Dota 2 in December 2016, joining HappyFeet. He'd stay with the team for three years until his eventual entry in the VALORANT scene, where he'd find a second wind for his esports aspirations.

The new breed of VALORANT pros

JessieVash would have a short stint with the team fiVes before being picked up by Bren Esports. Bren Esports is currently one of the biggest and most successful esports organizations in the Philippines, having championship teams from CSGOMobile Legends: Bang Bang, and now, VALORANT. However, it took some time before Bren Esports broke out in the VALORANT scene. While their team would remain dominant in the local esports scene, the team wouldn't qualify for either of the first two VALORANT Masters. However, it turned out that the third VALORANT Masters will be in Berlin, which is in Germany. You can figure out the pattern here.

It seemed destined – Bren Esports would go on a winning streak in the VCT Stage 03 SEA Challengers up to the upper bracket finals. They'd win their lower bracket finals match and bounce back with renewed vigor in the Grand Finals, dealing a clean sweep 3-0 against Singaporean team Paper Rex. Taking home $25,000, Bren Esports not only claimed victory but also cemented their legacy in VALORANT. They're headed to Berlin along with Paper Rex, and they're now part of the big international leagues where teams like Sentinels belong.

And if you ask JessieVash's teammate DubsteP, they're definitely ready to face the defending champions.

JessieVash Esports Earnings & Net Worth – Over $40,000

While we can't ascertain JessieVash's actual net worth, we can at least determine his total esports earnings. Sadly, we don't have an extensive list and could only go as far as to report his esports earnings based on what's on his Liquipedia profile.

During his Dota 2 career, Liquipedia reports that JessieVash has earned $26,348. Imagine if only TI1 had prizes for everyone participating in the tournament – he could have added more to this amount. Meanwhile, his VALORANT page reports that he has earned $10,572 from VALORANT. That puts his career earnings at $36,920. We think it's safe to assume that his total net worth is somewhere over $40,000, at the very least. We're sure that he has more – but we just don't have the evidence to support this assumption.

That's set to change, of course, as a fortune-turning tournament is ahead of him and his team in VCT Masters Berlin.