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Podcast: Who will the L.A. Rams take in the first round?

Derek Ciapala discusses the Los Angeles Rams’ possible intentions with their first round pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. He follows up that analysis with an examination of mock drafts from around NFL media. Derek also presents Rams Talk Radio’s discussion with Arizona defensive tackle P.J. Johnson about his future in the NFL. Finally, he covers various news and notes from around the sport, including the demise of the Alliance of American Football and C.J. Anderson’s signing with the Detroit Lions.

The show opens with P.J. Johnson sitting down with Josh Kollack and Derek. Johnson talks about how he fell in love with the game and what family means to him. He also lets us know who he was talked with leading up to the draft.

Derek leads off the second segment with a look at the Rams’ first pick. There are likely several options there. He breaks down where the Rams could go with the pick. Will the Rams focus on the interior offensive or defensive line? Will they look at cornerback or linebacker early? Or will it be a best player available scenario?

The next segment begins with a look at the mock drafts written by experts from around the league. Derek dissects what the draftniks are thinking and gives his thoughts on what the Rams should do.

Later, Derek runs through the news and notes with the week. He reacts to the demise of the AAF. He expresses his disgust at how the league treated its players and gives his thoughts on the possibility of a true feeder league for the NFL.

Finally, Derek says farewell to C.J. Anderson, who took his talents to the Detroit Lions on a one-year-deal. He finishes the show by sharing some great Rams memories from listeners.

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