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Jamal Adams, Jets, Seahawks

Who won the Jets-Seahawks Jamal Adams trade?

The saga between Jamal Adams and the New York Jets has come to a close, with the All-Pro safety being granted his ultimate wish to be traded. After a month of expressing his desire to play elsewhere, Adams was traded to the Seattle Seahawks for an impressive haul.

At the beginning of the offseason, it seemed as if the Jets were committed to getting a long-term deal done with Adams. However, as the offseason progressed, it became evident that New York’s plans changed.

Even though Adams technically has two years remaining on his rookie contract, he wanted an extension to remain in the Big Apple. Fast forward to now and it was clear that Adams’ relationship with the Jets was irreparable.

Altogether, the trade for Adams involved him going to the Seahawks, along with a 2022 fourth-round pick. On the other hand, New York received a 2021 first-round pick, 2022 first-round pick, and a 2021 third-round pick. Not to mention, they also acquired Bradley McDougald.

Seeing that in today’s society there can never be a trade that is a win-win situation, the fans and the media alike have to label one of the teams involved in a trade as the victor. With that in mind, who won the trade for Adams between the Jets and the Seahawks?

The argument for Seattle as the winners of the Adams trade

For us to determine the supposed winner in this trade, we must highlight the positives for each team. In Seattle’s case, they were able to acquire arguably the best safety in the NFL.

Since Adams entered the NFL in 2017, he’s proven to be one of the most versatile safeties in the NFL. With the league constantly evolving, having a versatile safety like Adams can be an invaluable asset for a defense. While he’s labeled as a safety on the roster sheet, Adams is much more than that.

Throughout his first three seasons, Adams has accumulated 25 pass breakups, six forced fumbles, and two interceptions. In addition to that, he’s been able to wreak havoc in the backfield, compiling 12 sacks and 28 tackles for loss.

Adding Adams to Seattle’s defense gives them an All-Pro talent to utilize in a variety of ways. There’s no doubt that Adams inches the Seahawks closer to being Super Bowl contenders than they were a week ago.

Why the Jets are the apparent winners of the Adams trade

When it comes to the Jets, they are likely fond of the trade package they got in return for Adams. Joe Douglas was able to exchange Adams for two future first-round picks, a future third-round pick, and McDougald. It should be noted that even though he isn’t on the same tier as Adams, McDougald is a talented safety in his own right.

Just looking at the trade on paper, the Jets definitely got a massive haul for the two-time Pro Bowler.

With Sam Darnold as the team’s hopeful franchise quarterback, New York now has more draft capital to surround him with talent. Or the Jets could use one of their new picks to replace Darnold if he falters in 2020.

You could definitely make the argument that New York should’ve never gotten themselves in this situation. However, with the Jets digging themselves in a hole, no other team was going to offer the amount of value that the Seahawks were comfortable trading.

Provided that, New York would appear to be the winner of the blockbuster trade involving Adams (if there has to be one). In reality, when all is said and done, we could see both of the teams involved come away happy with what they got. Although, if you’re a fan of the Jets, seeing Adams be traded has to be disappointing, regardless of the resources they got in return.