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Why Kobe Bryant Wouldn’t Sign Nick Young’s Shoes After His Final Game

Kobe Bryant and Nick Young

During Kobe Bryant‘s amazing farewell tour, he developed a habit of signing sneakers for a number of opposing players around the league. He even managed to bring Tony Allen, one of Bryant’s greatest competitors, to the verge of tears.

It wasn’t just big stars either; Bryant said he’d give them to anybody who asked. It’s safe to say Kobe was a different man during his final season than the intense competitor we’d known for the 19 years prior.

After waiting patiently all season, Kobe’s Lakers teammate Nick Young had big plans to get a signed pair of his own from the Mamba.

In fact, four pairs.

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There was only one problem: Nick Young is an Adidas athlete.

Bryant, a former Adidas sponsor who has since moved on to Nike, didn’t simply decline signing the shoes. He straight up threw them away.

“He threw my shoes in the trash, but that’s Kobe for you,” Young said. “I was a little disappointed in that, but, you know, he could not end without something like that.

“He told me to go get some Nikes, he’s not signing no Adidas.”

Bryant did his best to make it up to Young, at least.

Never change, Kobe.

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