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Why Langston Galloway is a sneaky trade candidate for the Sixers


The Philadelphia 76ers suffered what could be argued as one of their worst losses of the season Saturday night, as in the 18-point loss, the Sixers shot a season-worst 37.8 percent from the field and an even more dreadful 24.3 percent from three in a game where they were able to limit Luka Doncic to 19 points, but couldn’t get points of their own. As a potentially happy ending to “The Process”, the Sixers are going all-in this season in an effort to win a championship after many years plagued with many injuries and even more losses. They will likely be sellers at the deadline and will be on the prowl for a quality three-point shooter who can space the floor and make an offensive impact without having the ball much. In an effort to improve their shooting woes, the Sixers have expressed interest in acquiring both Luke Kennard and Langston Galloway, shooting guards for the Detroit Pistons.

While it is unlikely that Detroit will give up Kennard, being that he is having a career year and could be a piece to build around in the rebuild, the veteran Galloway is more than available.

Galloway’s contract should be rather appealing to contending teams, as he would cost them less than $7.5 million on an expiring deal. A team could rent him for half a season and ditch him in the off-season without getting blood on their hands.

Langston Galloway is having a solid season in Detroit, as he has excelled in spark plug role off the bench. The seven-year veteran is averaging his second highest per-game point total in his career (10.5 ppg) while averaging just over two rebounds a game and shooting 39.6 percent from three.

The Sixers could be the perfect suitor for Galloway, as he could excel in that same spark-plug fashion in meaningful basketball games. Everyone and their mother knows that Ben Simmons is not going to shoot many threes, but pairing him with Galloway gives Simmons more space to drive while providing Galloway with looks of his own.

It never hurts potential playoff teams to add veteran role players who can be voices of reason in the locker room, and in a Sixers locker room where Simmons and Joel Embiid don’t always get along, Galloway could be a high-character glue guy who can help hold the Sixers together.

Blake Stackpoole of Pistonpowered suggested that a possible deal where the salaries work would involve the Sixers gettting Galloway for Trey Burke and Zhaire Smith. The Sixers get another three-point shooter off the bench, and the Pistons get a talented young defender in Smith and a fiery point guard with ties to the state of Michigan in Burke.

The Sixers have also made it clear that they are willing to give up veteran stretch-4 Mike Scott and some draft capital to get some more off-the-bench talent this season.

This trade makes too much sense for Philadelphia to not pull the trigger, and while that draft pick would likely be in the 20’s, the rebuilding Pistons can use any chance at a young, talented player they can get their hands on.