Wild Hearts is a brand new action RPG that has the player take the role of a nameless hunter. In Wild Hearts, the player is tasked with hunting different monsters known as Kemono in the cast world of Azuma. The world of Azuma features different landscapes and environments where Kemono can be found and hunted. To hunt these different Kemono, the game offers multiple types of weapons with varying gameplay that the players can use to hunt these Kemono down. Of all the available weapons, the cannon has so far felt quite underwhelming despite its intimidating size. This is due to the fact that after several players have played around with it for some time, it felt like there was too much going on with the weapon. However, there are some that have been able to make a cohesive build with it that can actually slap Kemono across the face.

With the latest patch update 1.1.0 of Wild Hearts, it seems that the cannon has received some quality of life improvments which may make it even stronger and comfier to use.

The cannon in Wild Hearts is quite the special weapon as it is just a literal gigantic cannon barrel that the hunter will carry around. Despite its simple structure, the cannon has a lot going for it. For one, it is a true long range weapon that specializes in dealing heavy damage from quite a far range.  It is able to use its special attacks against targets from a safe distance. That is not to say however, that the cannon is easy to wield. In exchange for being able to fire at a safe distance, the cannon in Wild Hearts has a lot of complexity when it comes to using it.

The cannon in Wild Hearts has two gauges that players need to keep an eye on. The first gauge is the Heat gauge. This gauge primarily fills up each time an attack is used. When the Heat Gauge reaches maximum level, it reduces the player’s movement and damage dealt by the cannon. The second gauge is the Charge gauge. This gauge is consumed each time a special attack is used and is especially important in dealing heavy damage. These 2 gauges need to be balanced to be able to deal damage optimally.

Currently, there are two viable builds for the cannon in Wild Hearts. The first build is the rapid heat build which focuses on building heat and utilizing the heat gauge for special attacks. This build focuses on big hits to the Kemono over time. The other build is the rapid fire build which is essentially making the cannon a giant assault rifle. This deals rapid hits and typically has a faster pace of gameplay compared to the heat cannon. That being said, both these types of cannons are very much viable builds and deciding between the two is left to the preference of the player.

Considering how convoluted cannon builds can get in Wild Hearts, this guide does not have any recommendation on Armor Sets. Instead, what will be recommended are the different skills that the cannons themselves carry. Considering how in Wild Hearts the weapon is the heart of the build, the armor set should simply try to build upon the skills that the weapon already has. With that being said, let’s get into each of these builds.

High Heat Build

The High Heat cannon build is centered around rapidly building the Heat gauge. Typically, in Wild Hearts, the cannon has to balance the heat gauge and prevent it from overcapping so that the player will not be punished. However, in this case, the Heat gauge is an important factor that will help give this cannon its damage. The heat gauge will enable the cannon to release a gigantic laser that will deal very big damage. This damage is typically enough to bring down the Kemono if it was directly hit by it. This build uses the Golden Tempest as a base cannon and is built from there. Below is the recommended weapon as well as the accompanying skills it needs.

Tempest Cannon: Ano Zenjo

Attack: 930
Crit Rate: 0%

Inherent Skills:
Speed Heat 15%
High Spirits 30%

Inherited Skills:
Inversion Attack 5%
Speed Heat 13%
Speed Heat 13%
Desperation 15%
Speed Build 20%

All of the skills listed are highly important for the High Heat Cannon Build in Wild Hearts as it allows for the cannon to steadily and efficiently build up the heat gauge.

Speed Heat is a skill which lets the cannon fill up the heat gauge more efficiently. What this does is that the more Speed Heat skill there is on the player, the faster the heat gauge will fill up. This is especially important on a build such as this as it will let us reach the big damaging laser in a shorter amount of time with each shot.

The High Spirits skill is another important skill which the High Heat build needs. Considering that overcapping the Heat gauge greatly reduces damage and movement, it is imperative that this does not happen and that the player can time their shots well so as not to be greatly punished by hoarding Heat in the Heat gauge. The skill High Spirits helps with this as it widens the Heat gauge overcap timing window of the player. This means that there is a longer time between the Heat gauge hitting its cap and the Heat gauge overheating and punishing the player. This is highly important as not only will it provide a lot of comfort to the player, it will also allow the player movement and flexibility when fighting a particularly aggressive Kemono.

Compared to the other cannon build, the high heat cannon build is more suited towards co-op multiplayer scenarios in Wild Hearts since the laser attack prevents a lot of player movement.

Rapid Fire Build

The Rapid Fire cannon in Wild Hearts is based on the Peacock Cannon line of cannons and is the one more suited towards solo content. This is because the entire Rapid Fire cannon build is centered around the Volley skill which increases the rate of fire of the cannon. Compared to the previous build, this one is much more complex to use as balancing the heat gauge comes into play. With that said, this build uses the peacock cannon as its base and stacks a lot of volley skills to increase its overall fire rate on the ground.

Blaze Cannon: Vermilion Bird

Attack: 910
Crit Rate: 5%

Inherent Skills:
Volley 30%
Fog Fall 10%

Inherited Skills:
Speed Charge 19%
Volley 10%
Volley 10%
Desperation 15%
Critical Master 5%

The route the Rapid Fire cannon build takes is one where there is no heat generating skills as this is not the main focus of the build being done. Compared to the previous build, the Rapid Fire build focuses more on the damage output of the skills rather than that of generating a resource. Because of that, despite not using the special laser attack of the cannon often, the Rapid Fire build can match the damage of the high heat build. The rapid fire cannon build makes up for the damage in each of its tiny shots that it fires constantly at a fast rate.

However, despite stacking all these damage dealing skills, its most important skill is the Volley skill. As stated earlier, the volley skill is what makes the fire rate of the cannon go faster. As such, because this build stacks a lot of volley skills, this is where the namesake of this build comes from. The rate of fire of the cannon enables it to deal damage multiple times in a short amount of time. However, because of this, the heat gauge also tends to increase faster. Thankfully enough, the laser shots of this build have good enough motion values that it does not disrupt the flow of the hunt.