Wild Hearts is a brand new action RPG that has the player take the role of a nameless hunter. In Wild Hearts, the player is tasked with hunting different monsters known as Kemono in the cast world of Azuma. To hunt down these different Kemono, the game offers the players several choices of weapons with each of these weapons having a unique gameplay and feel to it. In addition to this, Wild Hearts also has the Karakuri mechanic where players can build different structures to assist them with their hunts.

When looking at the Karakuri system in Wild Hearts, in hindsight, their purpose seems to be that they were made to support the player during their hunts. However, after weeks of experimentation and testing, some players have come to the conclusion that these Karakuri structures can also serve as the main weapon. This means that during the hunt, they can opt to not pull out their weapon at all and instead just maximize building these structures to take down the Kemono. While this may seem like an unusual way to play the game, strangely enough, it is oddly viable with how much damage it can dish out and the amount of crowd control it offers.

Ordinarily, this Karakuri playstyle in Wild Heart would seem very far fetched from the way the developers intended for the game to be played. It would also be difficult considering that a lot of the damage would come from the weapon. However, when built correctly with the specific set of skills and weapons, this can allow the player to hunt down the Kemono without needing to get close. The only thing they would need to do is to constantly build. With that said, this build and playstyle is very much a very niche way to play Wild Hearts and is not exactly the best way to play the game. However, it is very much fun considering that the pure Karakuri build playstyle is a very unexpected way to play Wild Hearts. That being said, this guide will teach you so that you can build a whole military base around the Kemono.

Wild Hearts Karakuri Armor Set

Head: Dawn Guard Helm

Tangle Resilience 26%
Ukemi Art
Fusion Art: Fury 12%

Body: Great Juniper Body Armor

Health Boost +5
Tangle Recovery 33%
Strong Arm: Thread +6

Hand: Dawn Guard Gauntlets

Karakuri Coordination: Remedy +2
Celestial Breath

Legs: Moonshadow Waistguard

Slash Bolster 3%
Sidestepper 9%
Fusion Master

Feet: Draconic Fleet Footwear

Core Boost 16%
Rude Health 12%
Reutilization 25%


Defense Talisman:
Blade Debar 3%
Earth Resilience +3
Cost: 7

Swordmaster’s Talisman:
Blade Debar 4%
Savage +1
Cost: 6

Swordmaster’s Talisman:
Blade Debar 6%
Earth resilience +3
Cost: 10

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Swordmaster’s Talisman:
Blade Debar 3%
Desperation 2%
Cost: 5

Veteran’s Talisman: Gloaming
Time Changer 10%
Cost: 5

As can be seen from the armor pieces chosen, the entire Karakuri armor build in Wild Hearts revolves around the skill Blade Debar. Blade Debar is an especially important skill for this build as it essentially lets the player build Karakuri structures for free. This means that Karakuri threads will not be consumed when constructing new Karakuri. This is very essential to making the build work as it maximizes the amount of Karakuri that the player can possibly build. Making a Karakuri structure for free means that these resources can be used to build more constructs.

In addition to Blade Debar, another important skill is Fusion Reaper. The Fusion Reaper skill can be found in the armor pieces with the Fusion skills. This is another essential skill for the Karakuri build in Wild Hearts as it functions as a sort of cashback when constructing Karakuri structures. How this skill works is that once a Karakuri construct is made, this skill will automatically give the player a small amount of karakuri thread. This will enable the player to continue to keep constructing Karakuri structures. With the Blade Debar skill and this skill in tandem, the player will be able to make a multitude of Karakuri constructs that can make the environment look like a military base specifically made to target the Kemono.

In addition to these skills, the Celestial Breath skill is also an important part of the Karakuri build in Wild Hearts. What the Celestial Breath skill does is that every 10 seconds, a Karakuri thread will be generated. In hindsight, this may seem a bit too slow to go with the build. However, due to the lack of skills that make Karakuri construction more efficient, the Celestial Breath is relatively fast as it is essentially a free source that is generated over a set amount of time. In the armor set, this skill is present in the Hand armor piece and as such, is one of the key pieces of the build.

Another important skill when looking to build the Karakuri build in Wild Hearts is Reutilization. Reutilization is a skill that recovers a small amount of Karakuri threads when a construct is destroyed. At first glance, this may seem like a situational skill. However, this is a very vital skill as the Kemono being hunted down can be quite destructive more often than not. This means that due to the destructive nature of Kemono, the Karakuri structures are very prone to being destroyed. To keep up with the Kemono’s destructive attacks, this skill assures that if the Karakuri structures are destroyed, the player is still able to get something back despite this. This skill essentially allows the player more flexibility especially when hunting Kemono that move around a lot and are destructive.

Wild Hearts Karakuri Constructs

Among the available Karakuri constructs in Wild Hearts, the two most prominent ones that can be used for this build are the artillery ballista and harpoon gun. These specific Karakuri constructs are the most flexible ones among the available Karakuri constructs. This is because compared to the other Karakuri constructs, the Harpoon Gun and Artillery Ballista have the best tracking. This is due to the fact that they have a long range and are able to rotate quite freely.

Wild Hearts cannon build guide

Diego Padilla ·

Karakuri Weapon


Attack: 650
Crit Rate: 0%

Inherent Skills:
Blade Debar 25%
Time Changer 30%

Inherited Skills:
Manifestation Release 24%
Blade Debar 15%
Reutilization 15%
Fusion Reaper
Reutilization 10%

While the Karakuri construction build does not really use a weapon, Wild Hearts does not allow the player to go out into the world without one. As such, the weapon of choice in this scenario would be the Karakuri katana, Itsu-no-ohabari.

This Karakuri Katana is not the typical Karakuri Katana as the Inherited Skills will mostly be stacked with Karakuri construction efficiency skills. As can be seen from the selected Inherited Skills, the Karakuri katana is very efficient in giving the needed skills for the build to the player. Because of these skills and despite not being pulled out during the hunt, this Karakuri katana can be considered one of the reasons why this build works out. When built properly, the Karakuri katana provides a total amount of 40% Blade Debar. This makes it such that the Karakuri constructs made do not consume Karakuri threads 40% of the time. This makes it highly efficient to use although it is barely used as an actual katana.

With all that being said, this entire build of the Krakuri construct can be considered one of the most fun ways to play Wild Heart. Although compared to using the traditional weapons, it does not deal as much damage. However, in the multiplayer co-op mode, this kind of fun build is very much welcome due to how much support capabilities it has. As such, investing in builds like this is still a fun endeavor.

Update 1.1.0 of Wild Hearts has introduced quality of life changes for this build as well as several new skills that could help this build even more. Despite being a “for fun” build, it has become quite formidable thanks to these updates.