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Scott Brooks says John Wall was able to dunk in Wizards’ practice

Scott Brooks and John Wall

For the Washington Wizards, it sure sounds like star point guard John Wall is that much closer to making a comeback and will soon join head coach Scott Brooks’ lineup.

According to a tweet on Friday afternoon from Candace Buckner of the Washington Post, Wall is making noticeable progress in his athleticism as of late.

Via an interview with coach Brooks today that was posted on the Wizards’ official Twitter account:

“I think he’s perfect for our team. He gives us great leadership, he gives us a professional approach to the game, to the practice court, he’s good for the locker room and good for the culture,” coach Brooks said. “He’s just a great guy. Like I’ve said many times over these past 20 days, his resume speaks for itself.”

The Wizards are fresh off an impressive 125-124 double-overtime victory over the Boston Celtics on the road Thursday night.

Brooks also told his group of guys that they absolutely need to have a playoff mentality right now, even though the playoffs don’t officially start for another month.

“We need guys to play their minutes harder, that’s it. You know what, it’s time,” Brooks said. “It’s time for guys to come off the bench and play better. It’s time for our starters to have better starts, and it’s also time for our team to play well together and not just have a first and second unit. It’s a team, but they all have to do their part and it’s all connected with one another.”

This is a team that is still playing fantastic team basketball, even without their star in Wall on the court at the moment.