FIFA‘s disciplinary committee has initiated proceedings against Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish FA, following his controversial kiss on the lips of Women's World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso, reported by ESPN. The incident occurred during the medal presentation after Spain's victory over England in the final, and it has sparked outrage both within and outside Spain.

The disciplinary proceedings come in response to the unsolicited kiss, and FIFA stated that the events may violate specific articles within their disciplinary code. Rubiales' actions, including hugging and kissing players on the cheeks and his handling of Athenea del Castillo, have drawn criticism and condemnation from various quarters.

Initially dismissing criticism as coming from “idiots,” Rubiales later posted an apology video. However, the apology has been deemed “insufficient and inadequate” by Spain's Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Calls for Rubiales' resignation have come from government ministers and various football organizations, including the Spanish Players' Association, Liga F, FIFPRO, and FUTPRO.

Hermoso, the player at the center of the incident, issued a statement indicating that her agency and FUTPRO would be addressing the issue. FUTPRO condemned the actions as “unacceptable” and vowed to take measures to protect players and sanction those responsible. They emphasized that these kind of actions should never go unpunished.

The RFEF has called a meeting to address the situation, and Luis Rubiales' position as president is increasingly under threat. FIFA's move to initiate disciplinary proceedings highlights the importance of respecting individuals' integrity in football and its commitment to addressing inappropriate behavior within the sport and the Women's World Cup.