Lingyang is one of the playable characters available with the launch of Wuthering Waves. If you want to know what they do, you're in luck. Here are Lingyang's kit, skills, leveling materials, and more.

Wuthering Waves – Lingyang

“Awoo—Lion up! Victory is mine at this year's Greens-plucking Tournament!”

Wuthering Waves | Resonator Showcase | Lingyang — Debut

“Lingyang is talented and friendly member of the Liondance Troupe in Jinzhou. His passion and courage are evident as he engages with humans, showcasing his impressive physical abilities. With his unique style, he embodies the spirit of Liondancing, aspiring to dispel fear and dread for others through his electrifying Liondance.”

Lingyang is an SSR (5-star) Glacio character who wields Gauntlets. He is playable in Wuthering Waves starting with the launch of Version 1.0 on May 22, 2024.

Who Are Lingyang's Voice Actors?

Lingyang is voiced by Aleksander Varadian, Natsuki Hanae, Jinli, and Lee Sangho in the English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions of the game respectively.

Lingyang Upgrade Materials

The characters of Wuthering Waves require a variety of materials to upgrade them. This includes drops from monsters, as well as items that can be found in the overworld.

Lingyang Ascension Materials

Lingyang will require the following materials to reach max ascension:

  • 4x LF Whisperin Core
  • 12x MF Whisperin Core
  • 12x HF Whisperin Core
  • 4x FF Whisperin Core
  • 46x Sound-Keeping Tacet Core
  • 60x Coriolus
  • 170, 000 Shell Credits

Lingyang Skill Materials

To upgrade his skills to max, they will require the following materials:

  • 25x LF Whisperin Core
  • 28x MF Whisperin Core
  • 40x HF Whisperin Core
  • 57x FF Whisperin Core
  • 25x Cadence Seed
  • 28x Cadence Bud
  • 55x Cadence Leaf
  • 67x Cadence Blossom
  • 26x Unending Destruction
  • 20,300,000 Shell Credits

Lingyang Kit

Basic Attack – Perform up to 5 attacks, dealing Glacio damage.

Basic Attack: Feral Roars – After Resonance Skill Furious Punches is cast, Basic Attack V is replaced with Feral Roars, dealing Glacio damage.

Heavy Attack – Consume Stamina to attack the target, dealing Glacio damage.

Mid-Air Attack – Consume Stamina to perform a Mid-air Plunging Attack, dealing Glacio damage.

Dodge Counter – Use a Basic Attack after a successful Dodge to attack the target, dealing Glacio damage.

Resonance Skill: Ancient Arts – Attack the target, dealing Glacio damage.

Furious Punches – When Basic Attacks III, IV, or V or Basic Attack Feral Roars hits the target, Resonance Skill Ancient Arts is replaced with Resonance Skill Swift Punches. If Lingyang uses Basic Attack after casting Basic Attack Feral Roars and Resonance Skill Swift Punches, he will start from Basic Attack III.

Lingyang's Resonance Skill will not reset his Basic Attack stage.

Resonance Liberation: Strive: Lion's Vigor – Attack the target, dealing Glacio damage, and receive the blessing of Lion's Vigor, which lasts for 50 seconds.

Lion's Vigor – Lingyang's Glacio DMG Bonus is increased by 50%

Forte Circuit : Unification of Spirits

Heavy Attack: Glorious Plunge – When Lion's Spirit is full, use Heavy Attack to perform Glorious Plunge, dealing Glacio damage.

Mid-air Attack: Tail Strike – When Lion's Spirit is not full, use Basic Attack after Heavy Attack to perform Tail Strike, dealing Glacio damage.

Striding Lion – After casting Heavy Attack Glorious Plunge, enter Striding Lion state; After casting Intro Skill Lion Awakens or Resonance Liberation Strive: Lion's Vigor, if Lion's Spirit is full, use Basic Attack to enter Striding Lion state. In the Striding Lion state: Attacks can be launched in mid-air. If you are back on the ground, use Heavy Attack Glorious Plunge to get back in the air.

Lion's Spirit is continuously consumed, and the Striding Lion state ends in 5s after Lion's Spirit runs out; If Lingyang is in the Resonance Liberation Lion's Vigor state, the consumption speed of Lion's Spirit is reduced by 50%, extending Striding Lion state by up to 10s.

Lingyang's Basic Attack is replaced with Basic Attack Feral Gyrate, which performs up to 2 consecutive attacks, dealing Glacio damage. Lingyang's Resonance Skill is replaced with Mountain Roamer, dealing Glacio damage. When Lion's Spirit is less than 10, use Basic Attack to perform Stormy Kicks, dealing Glacio damage; after performing Basic Attack Stormy Kicks, the Mid-air Attack Radiant Plunge becomes available. Concerto Energy is restored when Lion's Spirit is consumed.

Lion's Spirit – Lingyang can hold up to 100 Lion's Spirit. When casting Resonance Skill Furious Punches, Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Intro Skill Lion Awakens, Lion's Spirit is restored. When casting Resonance Liberation Strive: Lion's Vigor, Lion's Spirit is restored.

Intro Skill: Lion Awakens – Lingyang appears and deals Glacio damage.

Outro Skill: Frosty Marks – Lingyang releases a shock wave centered on the skill target, dealing Glacio DMG equal to 587.94% of Lingyang's ATK to targets within the range.

Passive Skill: Lion's Pride – The damage of the Intro Skill Lion Awakens is increased by 50%.

Passive Skill: Diligent Practice – Under the Striding Lion state, within 3s after each Basic Attack, the next Mountain Roamer will deal an additional Glacio damage, equal to 150% of Mountain Roamer damage, considered as Resonance Skill damage.

Minor Fortes:

  • Glacio DMG +12%
  • ATK% +15.2%

Lingyang Resonance Chains

Lion of Light, Blessings Abound –During Resonance Liberation Lion's Vigor, Lingyang's Anti-Interruption is enhanced.

Dominant and Fierce, Power Unbound – Intro Skill Lion Awakens additionally recovers 10 Resonance Energy for Lingyang, triggered once every 20s.

Jaw-Dropping Feats, Loud and Wide – During Resonance Liberation Lion's Vigor, Lingyang's Basic Attack DMG Bonus is increased by 20%, and Resonance Skill DMG Bonus increased by 10%.

Immortals Bow, in Reverence Flawed – Outro Skill Frosty Marks increases the Glacio DMG Bonus of all team members by 20% for 30s.

Seven Stars Shine, Stepped upon High – Resonance Liberation Strive: Lion's Vigor additionally deals Glacio DMG equal to 200% of Lingyang's ATK.

Demons Tremble, Divine Power Nigh – In the Forte Circuit Striding Lion state, during the first 3s after every Resonance Skill Mountain Roamer, the Basic Attack DMG Bonus for Lingyang's next Basic Attack is increased by 100%.

That's everything you need to know about Lingyang's kit in Wuthering Waves. Wuthering Waves is available on Google Play, the Apple App Store, and PC via the Epic Games Store and its official PC client.

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